I've been interested in photography since the 1970s but family and work meant I really didn't take anything except family snaps for many years. I started to revive my interest around 2010 with a project to take a food-related photo everyday for a year. This was fun and, since then, I've always tried to have one photographic project or another on the go. 
I'm more interested in sets of photographs around a theme rather that individual images and this is reflected in these pages. I don't subscribe to the idea that images should stand on their own. I believe that the experience of viewing any photograph is improved by accompanying text. This might be descriptive (e.g. where the image was taken), reflective (why the photographer chose this image) or more general musings. So, all my images come with captions, which tell the viewer a wee bit about them or why I liked them.
Apart from a few opinion pieces, I've now moved all of my photography-related pages from my main web site to here as Portfolio's integration with Lightroom makes site maintenance much easier.  I've structured the site into two parts - photo walks, where I write about and illustrate a specific topic and where the images are mostly taken at the same time and projects, which are thematic galleries of up to 25 images.
Photowalks. A collection of articles, each based around a walk with my camera. Illustrated with a few images. 
Experiments. As I describe in this piece, I am increasingly disenchanted with the perfection of digital photography. I don't have the time to return to film photography but these are images of experiments where I have tried to present a more impressionistic view of the subject.
Intimate Landscapes. I've recently become interested in the notion of intimate landscapes where, rather than focus on a broad landscape, we look at details within that landscape.
Untourist Edinburgh. My images of Edinburgh where I have avoided the cliched tourist views of the city. 
A Year in Braidburn Park. This is a personal photographic project that I started in 2021 to get back into photography after a two-year layoff. In short, six images, taken in the park, each month for a year.
The River Dee - from source to sea.  An ongoing project to document the River Dee in Aberdeenshire from its source in the Cairngorms to the sea at Aberdeen. 

Edited, May 2023.

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